Subhakar Rao - The Visionary On A Mission To Provide Education For All

The mission of Subhakar Rao Foundation is to improve the quality of education: skills and knowledge of government primary and high school children in Bangalore and other districts of Karnataka. This simple mission reflects our results-oriented approach to grant-making.

Subhakar Rao has founded Surapaneni Foundation in 1990 that supported charitable activities and educational institutions. He started Champions Trust and Charitable Foundations for generating funds for the poor and their education. Through his philanthropic activities; he has brought smiles on the face of hundreds of underprivileged students.

He has been an ardent champion in the cause of education for underprivileged children in India. He has worked tirelessly with uncompromising zeal in funding complete education for children coming from poor background who have no access to basic amenities like food, clean drinking water and schools.

By bringing awareness about the quality of education and supporting programs to promote education and reduce dropouts, we make reckonable and sustainable differences in the education of Bangaloreans.

Since 2003, Subhakar Rao Foundation has awarded financial aid support to students and schools along with setting up numerous computer labs. We also donate to nonprofit organizations for programs focused on improving the overall quality of the Bangalore public schools infrastructure and facilities. Additional information on these focus areas is available in the what we do section of this site.

In today's changing world, education plays pivotal role to students compete in a global marketplace. With our firm commitment to provide educational opportunities for students, scholarships to highly brilliant and clever individuals who show strong academic performance; we are the Foundation for an educational community.

It is an open secret that many children in India still do not go to schools and numbers of illiterate girls outnumber the boys. With around 8 million children out of school in the age group of 6-14 years; India has a monumental task to eradicate child illiteracy. Mr. Subhakar Rao’s NGO works in shouldering this responsibility by facilitating education to underprivileged children of the society.

Three primary factors that are affecting the growth of children literacy in India:

  • Social problems like caste, class and gender difference
  • Economic problems like child labour due to poor family
  • Infrastructure problems like not enough schools, remote location

Subhakar Rao’s NGO tries to offer basic education with special focus on gender equality so that more and more children get access to basic education, especially girls.

Why Elementary Education?

  • School is the first & right place where children get real opportunities to explore their cognitive, emotional and social foundation in an organized way. This basic education prepares them better for a meaningful & productive social life.
  • Various research studies have proved beyond doubt that early ECD (early childhood development) programmes lead to higher level of learning in a child which directly impacts his/her future career prospects and employment opportunities in life.

What's Happening at Subhakar Rao Foundation:

  • Helping children from marginalized social and weak economic group get access to basic education
  • Ensuring that children don’t drop out of school due to economic reasons
  • Facilitating more education center by recruiting volunteer teachers and engaging other interested parties

Key Beliefs:

  • Making elementary education accessible to underprivileged children
  • Securing basic economic coverage to children from poor income group
  • Accelerating more efforts for in imparting girls education

Subhakar Rao Foundation

Subhakar Rao Educational Foundation