Together We Can Make A Change

Subhakar Rao’s NGO is built on the foundation of human values and is dedicated in uplifting the education conditions for the underprivileged children in India. His commitment to quality and zeal to promote positive changes in the society makes him a philanthropist par excellence.

Driven by compassionate human values; he takes genuine pride in taking people to greater growth and achievement in whatever small way he can. He feels there is a genuine need to contribute graciously to the society so that everybody can lead a life of dignity and contribute meaningfully to the society.

Despite the implementation of the 2009 Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, it’s a fact that India still suffers from a high primary school dropout rate mainly due to poor economic conditions of the family. As per the UNICEF 2009 report on India, “there were an estimated eight million six to 14-years-olds in India out-of-school in 2009.” This is one core area where Subhakar Rao has been working hard to make some positive changes. He has implemented lots of social initiatives by realising fund through various channels & means to support the education cause for those underprivileged children.

He does it by engaging different stakeholders from the society with candid communications and complete transparency. Parties who are interested in making grants are taken into confidence by replying to their every query that might arise during the course of making the grant. All the contributors are explained in detail where exactly their every single rupee will goes and how it directly impacts the lives of a child. Every grantees and partners are given an accountable count of how their contributions are utilized for the underprivileged children.

Subhakar Rao, Subhakar Rao Non Profit Organization

Subhakar Rao Educational Non Profit Organization