Subhakar (Stan) Rao - The Global Growth Champion, and a distinguished Entrepreneur, Leader, Mentor, and Visionary.

As the Global Growth Champion, Mr. Subhakar Rao Surapaneni, has been a champion throughout his life. Counted among the top 100 marketing and sales leaders in the global data sector, he has gained worldwide recognition as a visionary in the dynamic realm of data-driven Marketing and Sales. As the CEO of Champions Group, a billion-dollar business conglomerate that has emerged as a global growth partner for businesses looking to scale fast globally, Mr. Rao has achieved unparalleled success. With a vision to transform businesses with superlative customer offerings, Champions Group leverages its diverse portfolio to enrich and empower life potential across varied industries worldwide, and enable companies of all sizes to optimize their import, export, and trade worth billions of dollars.

Through a multifaceted approach, Mr. Rao passionately pursues his five professional interests - Sales & Marketing Education, Philanthropy, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. Starting from humble beginnings, he has utilized his exceptional work ethic, astute business acumen, and innovative thinking to build a thriving business empire.

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